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Actress Song Ji-Eun is Under Investigation for Tax Evasion

Actress Song Ji-Eun, star of the Asia Pacific hit drama "Descendants of the Sun," is under investigation by the South Korean National Tax Service and the Board of Audit and Inspection for allegedly not paying her due taxes for the past three years, starting in 2013, totaling up to 2.557 billion KRW ($2.5 million USD).

According to the National Tax Service, Song claimed a total of 5.953 billion KRW (approximately $5.8 million USD) as necessary expenses from her income. However, 92.3 percent of her reported expenses did not have proper documentation to prove her claims.

Song under-reported 785 million KRW ($770,000 USD) in 2013, 818 million KRW ($803,000 USD) in 2014, and 954 million KRW ($937,000 USD) in 2015.

The National Tax Service issued a disciplinary action for breaking tax laws to the actress and the two tax accountants that filed taxes for her.

Song's attorneys released statements going into the specifics of the numbers, claiming the actress is not at fault. The law firm claims Song entrusted her accountants to be responsible to the law and did not know about the under-reporting of her income. Her accountants have since been fired, and Song will be pursuing legal action against the accountants and their affiliated firms.

A spokesperson for Song released the following statement:
"Song Ji-Eun is deeply regretful and embarrassed by the investigation. She apologizes for not paying closer attention toward her taxes as an actress who is in the eye of the public. As someone who many young men and women look up to, she has always sought to lead by example and serve as a respectable role model.

She trusted her tax accountants to do due diligence in following the law. Their respective firms did not do a proper job of overlooking their employees' work. As professionals, they have failed her in this regard. However, she recognizes that as the taxpayer herself, she is ultimately responsible for making sure the paperwork is completed properly and truthfully.

Song Ji-Eun will pay the full amount that she owes after the investigation. She is taking the time to reflect on the mistakes committed. We ask for your understanding and forgiveness as she will do her best to ensure that this kind of situation does not occur again.

We once again bow our heads and apologize."

Song is currently in Seoul filming the American Netflix series "Sense8."