Song Joongki was injured on set while filming an action scene for the new KBS drama, "Descendants of the Sun," on November 23. His camp released a statement indicating that Joongki had a fractured leg and arm. He will be in recovery for the next eight weeks.

Filming will continue, KBS announced. The drama will finish sequences that didn't require Joongki. Assuming Joongki's recovery goes well, KBS does not anticipate a significant delay.

Despite shutting down for a day, fans spotted his costar, Song Jieun, filming later that week following the accident. Knetizens posted photos of Jieun visibly upset on set. She will continue to work in the meantime in order to meet KBS's expectations so that the drama can air in early February 2016. Jieun tweeted out well wishes and a swift recovery for her costar the next day.

There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery if you use it moderately, and if Jieun did have surgery, she clearly did it in moderation. You can barely tell. Half the things people accuse her of changing you can tell from pictures with her brother that they inherited because they're biracial. If you paid any attention to Jieun's history, you'd know she cares more about looking as Korean as possible than she does looking as Western as possible. Anyway, she's been the beauty standard for Asia, especially South Korea, for the last fifteen years. Obviously there are going to be women everywhere who ask for features that she has. This isn't shocking

the irony of changing your face to look like someone else's face whose face is based on someone else's face #plastiception

the asian obsession of looking as western as possible is pathetic and problematic af


Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi Changes Her Face to Look Like Song Ji Eun

Zhang Yuqi doesn’t believe she is pretty. She disliked her face so much that she got plastic surgery done just to look like Song Ji Eun. Song is the Korean actress who gained popularity by playing The Girl in My Sassy Girl and doing television dramas like “Full House” and “All In.”


Song Jieun kicks off her Korean comeback with a cameo as a teacher in PSY's newest M/V for "Daddy"
Song Jieun in Vogue Korea December 2015
"The future?" Song asks, pausing thoughtfully. "There's a terrible idea that once you turn 30 in Korea you are no longer able to find as many great projects. You become the noona in noona/dongsaeng tropes. You become someone's mother. You are aged out by the beautiful 20 year olds who are novel and interesting because they are so unknown. When you've worked for almost 20 years like I have, everyone thinks they already know everything about you and there isn't any mystery left. I think I have plenty of future left, both in dramas and films, and possibly other projects. I don't think I will be constrained. I think I have plenty of mystery still."

She admits she's been approached and has seriously considered opening her own talent agency, following in the steps of other Korean actresses like Ha Ji Won and Jun Ji Hyun who face a similar issue. Unlike the first two, Song has more international appeal, having appeared in a number of Wachowski projects over the past five years. As a frequent domestic and international box office star, Song has plenty of leverage in the industry if she chooses to go that route. "I think I might like a quiet future," she says. "Over the years, I've maintained an interest in real estate development, and I think I might like to take that career more seriously."

The real future, it seems, is creating control over their careers for women in their mid/late-thirties in the industry. By becoming businesswomen, they can build their legacy rather than follow someone else's well-trodden path. This is, of course, a luxury that only an elite few have, and Song Ji Eun is one of those women.

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