a timeline of
how adette weiman was squeezed  out of
the 'my sassy girl' sequel
Ji Eun, it's Manager Lee. Do you have a minute? I have some great news.
Yes, of course, I always have time for you, Manager. What's going on?
I wanted you to hear it first. Shin Cine [production company] has just greenlit a sequel to My Sassy Girl.
My Sassy Girl??
Yes, My Sassy Girl. How soon can you come back to Korea? They want to meet with you and Tae Hyun in person to talk about the project.
You're serious? You're not messing with me?
Ji Eun, can you come back or not?
Yes! Of course! Call my travel agent. Get me a ticket back to Seoul.
Okay, I'll make the arrangements. See you soon.
Did you hear about My Sassy Girl 2 yet? They just told me.
Oppa!! Yes!! I can't believe it! My Sassy Girl 2???
You'll come back, won't you? I can't imagine doing this without you.
I know you're a big American superstar now, but I really hope you'll do it.
It doesn't make sense to do it without both of us. Can you believe it's been 12 years thought? We were so young on that set...
The memories alone are worth doing the movie
I'm flying back to Korea in two days
I'm sure the script will be really great.
Yeah! I wonder what the story will be this time. I probably would've killed you by now from drinking too much coffee.
My Sassy Girl 2 - follow up
to me, Tae Hyun

Mr. Cha, Ms. Song -

As we discussed in today's meeting, we are looking to bring back My Sassy Girl. You two are so beloved to the fans of this movie, we can't imagine doing this without both of you.

The story will revolve once again around your love story. Even though ten years has passed, the dynamic will be the same. We're thinking that maybe, Mr. Cha, your character was in a car accident that caused total memory loss and Ms. Song has to remind him of their relationship. She will have to rekindle their dynamic, but she'll be frustrated because she wants to treat him like she has always treated him, but she also wants to be nice since she is a stranger to him now.

Let me know what you think. We'll set another meeting to discuss.

Lee Young Jae

Bad news...
Lee Won Shik
to me

Ji Eun,

I have some bad news. Shin Cine won't approve the contract you requested. They want you to go down by at least 40%.

Manager Lee

Adette Weiman (Song Ji Eun)
to Won Shik

What? 40%?! Why? I was making twice the amount they're asking for five years ago. I don't think we're asking for an unreasonable amount? It's already less than what I used to make.

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Lee Won Shik
to me

They say because you left Korea, you no longer have the star power to open box offices. It has been five years, after all.

Adette Weiman (Song Ji Eun)
to Won Shik

But nothing has changed... I'm still me. I still do endorsement deals all over Asia. My movies still open in Korea even if they aren't Korean made.

How much are they giving Tae Hyun??

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Lee Won Shik
to me

You know they won't tell me that.

Adette Weiman (Song Ji Eun)
to Won Shik

Find out. Remind them that I'm worth every won that Tae Hyun is worth. Remind them that this movie is about Tae Hyun and me. Not one of us over the other.

I have earned every won or dollar I've ever made. I'm not some just came out of nowhere nobody they can just push around cause I don't have any other choice but to fall in line. I'm not putting up with the bullshit of this industry just to get more disrespect.

Lee Won Shik
to me

Ji Eun, they won't meet it. They want you to cut 35%. Final offer.

Adette Weiman (Song Ji Eun)
to Won Shik

Hold out. They'll fold. They have to. I'll settle at equal pay to Tae Hyun or a 15% cut, whatever's lower, but nothing less than that. I want to do this. I just don't want to be cheated or taken advantage of anymore. I'm past that.

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Best of luck
to me

Ms. Song,

We regret that we were unable to come to a compromise over salary. It's a shame because My Sassy Girl is a beloved Korean movie. We think that a sequel could've done very well.

We wish you the best with your career in America.

Lee Young Jae

I'm not doing this movie without you. I turned down my offer too. My Sassy Girl without the both of us doesn't make sense.
Don't be a stranger. Let's get a drink when you come back to Seoul again. Oppa will treat.
Shin Cine Greenlights 'My Sassy Girl' Sequel
april 3, 2014

My Sassy Girl is returning to cinemas with a long awaited sequel, announced Shin Cine Communications. Cha Tae Hyun, the original male lead in the first film, has been made an offer for the new movie, along with Korean popstar f(x)'s Victoria for the female lead. Original Sassy Girl Song Ji Eun will not be involved with this film.

Cha's agency, Blossum Entertainment, said in a statement, "Cha Tae Hyun received an offer from Shin Cine, but at this time, Tae Hyun has not accepted."

Production is expected to start in late 2014.

Song's management did not respond to requests for statement.

Adette Weiman (Song Ji Eun)
to Won Shik


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OPPA???? Are you doing the movie???
No, I said I wouldn't do it without you. I don't know why they told the media. I didn't agree to anything.
My Sassy Girl is nothing without you. The story doesn't make sense without you. What's fair is fair. They should pay you what you deserve.
Cha Tae Hyun and Victoria to star in 'My Sassy Girl' Sequel
september 19, 2014

Cha Tae Hyun made the announcement during his interview for his other upcoming movie 'Slow Video' on the 19th that he would star alongside Victoria in 'My New Sassy Girl'.

Since many had commented previously that 'My Sassy Girl' series needs Song Ji Eun (Adette Weiman), he joked regarding this, "I expect to receive a lot of criticism for the movie because Song Ji Eun is not starring in the sequel, but she is busy being a superstar in America so I have to carry on the 'My Sassy Girl' legacy for both of us."

Victoria's agency SM Entertainment rep also confirmed to a media outlet, "It is true that Victoria will star in 'My New Sassy Girl'."

Song's agency released a statement saying, "Song Ji Eun is looking forward to seeing how [Cha Tae Hyun's character] moves on from the love of his life. My Sassy Girl has always been a love story about loss and recovery. She wanted more than anything to do another Sassy Girl movie, but, due to scheduling conflicts, is unable to be part of 'My New Sassy Girl'."

Jo Geun Shik will also direct this highly-anticipated sequel, which is being produced this time as a joint project between Korea and China.

Filming begins September 29, 2014, and will continue through December in Korea and China.

you have 1 new voicemail from song ji eun

Ya! Tae Hyun... Go fuck yourself, you fucking lying, two-faced snake.....

You know damn well why I'm not doing this sequel so don't go acting like I'm the one who made this decision, that I'm choosing my American career over this..

You and I both know the fucking truth.

Have a great fucking life. Don't call me back. We're done.