⤑ professional name adette weiman / song ji eun ⤑ birthdate + age june 3, 1982 + 33 ⤑ birthplace fort lee, nj ⤑ current residence seoul & los angeles ⤑ occupation actress, model ⤑ status impossible biocreditsfactsjournal
When two musicians meet in the middle of an orchestra rehearsals sparks are about to happen, which eventually turn into one and in this case two children. Marriage was not in the cards for Lionel and Barbara, which would have made their lives much easier for the first seven years of their relationship but complicate things much more once Lionel’s contract came to an end. The separation came as easy as their union; he wanted to head back home to New York and she was not going to leave Toulouse where the family had been living, composing and raising their two sons. So he left, with promises to never be really too far from his sons. Surprisingly, Lionel managed to be as present in his sons lives as possible while Barbara did end up relocating to another city once a better work opportunity knocked at her door.

It would have been shocking if neither Koop son had displayed any sort of musical interest, a natural evolution of characters when the children ended learning classical instruments such as piano and violin for most of their lives with their parents as teachers. Xavier, the oldest, was the one to show a real desire to learn more and beyond the living room. As a teen he enrolled at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux after a successful audition process while his brother preferred to avoid any professional training and learned from his brother. A musical duo was formed and lived until at the age of seventeen (soon to be eighteen) Xavier departed for New York to attend college.

The first year was a disaster. A passionate of music he felt as if everything he had to learn in order to comprehend and make his own compositions had already been taught to him during his younger years. He dropped out by the middle of his second semester, switching major to Photography and Imaging. Five years later from his departure, Xavier returned to Paris where he started to work for film studios as a graphic designer. Music took a supporting part in his life as he suddenly found himself evolving in a more visual environment. Even though he had the training and some experience, it was something that was still new and fascinated him to the point when he was given the opportunity to direct his own projects he didn’t dare to refuse.

It was the collaborations and relations made with musicians through the years that made Xavier go "What if?". Confidence played a big part but if there was something Xavier knew what he was capable of it was, without doubt, his musical ability. He had never stopped learning or composing, despite focusing on the work that gave him a paycheck and bread on the table, drawers and shelves were collecting sheets and pieces full of notes and lyrics that were waiting for that one opportunity. So he took it. The opportunity. Renting a studio, he started to record his own songs. The plan had been, at first, to take a hiatus from directing but as he would eventually learn (and fast) Xavier is unable to stop himself.

A song, an EP, remixes and an album later Xavier or (s)peis gained more than just a following. While he has not becoming one of the many top pop artists he has, without doubt, attracted crowd of fans, aficionados and an army of "Where do I know that song from?" thanks to the amount of play certains of his songs achieved by way of commercials, television and film soundtracks. The success was indeed at the rendez-vous but not too overwhelming. The last thing he wanted was to become a phenomenon unable to live his life and create as freely as he wanted.

The future remains uncertain and while for many it might have been enough to cause a panic and a potential identity crisis, it's enough for Xavier to work harder and take the opportunities offered to him. Or created by him. The next step on the agenda: his first film, his very own creation and production from beginning to the end. And of course, in between what could be his biggest project to tackle comes the many collaboration, random songs compositions and scoring movies to just pass the time.

'13 ↳ the golden age
'12 ↳ run boy run remixes - ep
'11 ↳ iron - ep

'15 ↳ never let you down feat. lykee li
'14 ↳ do you love me after all?
'14 ↳ go
'14 ↳ happy ((s)peis sad remix)
'14 ↳ volcano
'12 ↳ the sharks and the crows

'15 ↳ Desierto [ film ]
'14 ↳ Les bosquets [ ballet ]
'13 ↳ Lolita Lempicka [ commercial ]

music videos
'14 ↳ Jewels • Black Atlass
'14 ↳ The Golden Age • (s)peis
'13 ↳ Happy • Pharrell Williams [ creative director ]
'13 ↳ Made To Love • John Legend [ creative director ]
'13 ↳ Who Do We Think We Are • John Legend [ creative director ]
'13 ↳ I Love You • (s)peis
'12 ↳ Run boy Run • (s)peis
'12 ↳ Blue Jeans • Lana Del Rey
'12 ↳ Take Care • Drake feat. Rihanna
'13 ↳ Iron • (s)peis
'11 ↳ Born to Die • Lana Del Rey
'11 ↳ Wastin Time • The Shoes
'11 ↳ Back to December • Taylor Swift
'10 ↳ Teenage Dream • Katy Perry
'10 ↳ Dreaming of Another World • Mystery Jets
'09 ↳ Mistake • Moby
'09 ↳ Faut-Il, Faut-Il Pas ? • Nolwenn Leroy
'08 ↳ Ce jeu • Yaelle
'07 ↳ Evergreen • Axelle Renoir

'13 ↳ The Golden Age [ book ]

⤑ parents lionel koop, barbara ariety ⤑ siblings benjamin (28) + step-siblings ⤑ religion buddhist ⤑ pet lully, french bulldog pup

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↳ his parisian apartment is the only thing he owns - when in los angeles he resides in chateau marmont.

↳ despite the many assumptions, xavier is not a vegetarian. he enjoys eating his meat and a good burger and fries remain his favorite meal.

↳ both his parents being jewish, he was raised within the religion until he turned to buddhism at the age of 17.

↳ used to have a couple of piercings, which he eventually removed after a couple of years but keeps them in a box "in case."

↳ has a total of eight tattoos: leo, seahorse, circle of life, endless knot, adventure arrow, minimalist lotr, origami t-rex, "la vie est faite de petits bonheurs."
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