「고생 끝에 낙이 온다」
professional names 송지은 (song jieun)
adette weiman
nickname aj date of birth june 3, 1982 (33) residences seoul & los angeles occupation actress, model status thetroublewithus.mp3
Adette Jieun Weiman (born June 3, 1982) is an American-born South Korean actress and model, best known by her stage name Song Jieun (송지은) in South Korea and lesser known as Adette Weiman in the United States. She is best known for her role as "The Girl" in My Sassy Girl (2001), one of the highest grossing South Korean comedies of all time.

She is the first Asian actress to represent the face of Louis Vuitton. Song was at the helm of the "hallyu" (Korean wave) movement in 2001, making her one of the most recognizable and highest-paid Asia-Pacific actresses in spite of limited global success.

In 2005, she was ranked as the most in-demand commercial film and endorsement star in South Korea. By 2011, Song was also recognized as the wealthiest female celebrity in real estate investments in South Korea, coming second overall for celebrities behind former boyfriend, singer Rain.

Early Life Song was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey, to Korean barbecue restaurant owners Jürgen Weiman and Sunmi Song. Both parents immigrated to the United States in the early 1970s from Germany and South Korea respectively. She has three siblings.

At 14, Song relocated to Seoul, South Korea, and was raised by her maternal grandparents.

Career Modeling
Song was discovered at a metro stop in Seoul when she was 14 years old. Given the business card of a fashion editor, Song took the meeting and convinced her family to let her move to Seoul and began to pursue a modeling career.

In her earlier work, Song was hired specifically for her Eurasian features and hazel eyes. She largely did commercial and editorial work before gaining a cult following after a Samsung television commercial made her popular in 1999. Shortly after she began receiving offers for film and television work.

South Korean Film and Television
She found early success with My Sassy Girl (2001) and quickly became a household name in both Korea and throughout Asia. The film opened endless doors of endorsement deals and advertisements. The film was so successful that nearly every Asian country has a remake. The United States bought the rights to remake My Sassy Girl in 2008 with Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford as the leads.

Song followed her success with My Sassy Girl with the much-watched television drama series "All In" (2003) against Lee Byung Hun, and then cemented her super star status with the hit romantic comedy series "Full House" (2004) with Rain. Critically acclaimed and box office successes like A Moment to Remember (2004) and Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005) helped prove Song to be a near-guarantee hit in the box office or in television dramas.

International Film and Television
Song began to take roles in international blockbusters like Mission Impossible III (2006) and Live Free or Die Hard (2007). She started to transition her career into a more global one before ultimately leaving the Korean industry in 2010.

In the first few years, Song saw limited success in the US market, before being introduced to the Wachowski siblings who consequently cast her in their next three projects: Cloud Atlas (2012), Jupiter Ascending (2015), and "Sense8" (2015). In addition, she won minor roles in Divergent (2014) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). She also voiced Go Go Tomago in Big Hero 6 (2014), which would later win an Academy Award for best animated film that year.

She is currently on Netflix's science fiction drama, "Sense8," as Sun Bak.

Personal Life Song holds dual citizenship in the United States and South Korea. In her spare time, Song trains in boxing and tae kwon do. She is also an avid fan of freediving and outdoor activities.

Early into her career, Song downplayed her German heritage and avoided speaking about her father for several years due to pressure from management. As such, she acted and modeled exclusively under her mother's maiden name. She was encouraged to present herself as a full Korean actress; Song was one of the first mixed race actresses in Korean entertainment. She has since then expressed her dislike of being forced to pass and spoken openly about her ethnicities.

She was in a highly publicized on-and-off relationship with singer Rain, becoming public in 2007 after he was caught leaving her apartment early in the morning. The pair were rumored to have begun their relationship as far back as 2004, when they filmed the popular television drama, "Full House" (2004), having played a couple on screen. In early 2010, it was reported that the two had ended their relationship due to Song's interest in moving back to the United States.

Song has been rumored to be in a relationship with actor Oliver Cobb since March 2015.

Controversies There is much speculation that Song underwent plastic surgery in the early 2000s in an attempt to make herself look more full Korean. Song has become a symbol of beauty for many Korean women because of her blend of European and Korean beauty standards, while remaining distinctly Korean.

When Song officially announced her desires to pursue a more international career in 2010, fans were very unhappy with her decision. Many felt that Song was turning her back on a country that had made her famous. At this time, the tone in media coverage began to sway from favorable to critical. Though she continues to work in South Korea largely in endorsements and commercial films, she has significantly cut back the amount of film or television work.
film and television ★ 2017 big hero 7 ··· go go tomago (voice)
★ 2016
"descendants of the sun" ··· dr. kang mo-yeon (as song jieun)
★ 2015 - present
"sense8" ··· sun bak
★ 2015
avengers: age of ultron ··· dr. helen cho insurgent ··· tori wu jupiter ascending ··· razo
★ 2014
big hero 6 ··· go go tomago (voice) divergent ··· tori wu
★ 2012
the thieves ··· yenicall (as song jieun) cloud atlas ··· tilda / megan's mom / sonmi 451 ...
★ 2011
suckerpunch ··· amber
★ 2010
operation: endgame ··· high priestess
★ 2009
dragonball evolution ··· chi chi (as jieun song) blood: the last vampire ··· saya otonashi (as jieun song)
★ 2008
a man who was superman ··· song soo-jung (as song jieun)
★ 2007
hwang jin yi ··· hwang jin yi (as song jieun) live free or die hard ··· mai linh (as jieun song)
★ 2006
mission impossible iii ··· zhen lei (as jieun song)
★ 2005
welcome to dongmakgol ··· yeo-il (as song jieun) "super rookie" ··· lee mi-ok (as song jieun) april snow ··· seo-young (as song jieun)
★ 2004
a moment to remember ··· su-jin (as song jieun) "full house" ··· han ji-eun (as song jieun)
★ 2003
the uninvited ··· yeon (as song jieun) "all in" ··· min su-yeon (as song jieun)
★ 2002
lover's concerto ··· shim soo-in / gyung-hee (as song jieun)
★ 2001
my sassy girl ··· the girl (as song jieun)
★ 1999
white valentine ··· jung-min (as song jieun)
web shorts ★ 2015 "power/rangers" ··· kimberly hart / pink
★ 2014
"what's eating steven yeun" ··· song jieun (sandara park's role; 3 episodes - one, two & three)
music videos ★ 2015 "daddy" by PSY feat. CL of 2NE1 ··· teacher (ha jiwon's role, as song jieun) "bad blood" by ione james feat. kendrick lamar ··· domino (jessica alba's role)
★ 2008
love story" by rain ··· ha jiwon's role (as song jieun)
fashion endorsements ★ 2015 - present tumi global citizens campaign spokeswoman ··· credits of claudia kim bobbi brown spokeswoman ··· credits of claudia kim shesmiss song jieun blossum trench coat edition ··· credits of jun jihyun center pole spokeswoman ··· credits of claudia kim
★ 2014 - present
louis vuitton spokeswoman ··· credits of bae doona
★ 2013 - present
didier dubot spokeswoman ··· credits of jun jihyun
★ 1999
samsung my jet printer commercial ··· jun jihyun's role
★ 1997 - 2001
ecole magazine model ··· credits of jun jihyun
misc » esfp / year of the water dog / gemini

» one tattoo: black typewriter font of 37.5667° N, 126.9781° E (seoul) and 48.1333° N, 11.5667° E (munich) on her left side

» out-of-touch protestant, much to her mother and grandmother's dismay

» passed on the lead role for "my love from another star" (and secretly regrets it)

» does not like animals or children (unless they're related to her)

» speaks english, german, and korean fluently; considers korean her first and primary language

relationships » des: former neighbor

» glen: ex-boyfriend (april - september 2015)

» oliver: just okay, so-so best friend; tabloid boyfriend since march 2015

» raph: close friend #squadgoals

» scout: you're my go-to
jürgen, father
relationship: strained. b. january 4 (65). originally from munich. lives in fort lee, nj. korean bbq restaurant owner. hardworker. values higher education. austere.
sunmi, mother
relationship: strained. b. april 23 (63). originally from seoul. lives in fort lee, nj. korean bbq restaurant owner. strict. opinionated. conservative. proud.
conrad, older brother
b. june 18 (37). lives in san francisco, ca. 2nd grade teacher. married w/ 3 kids. giant nerd. serious. poor at staying in touch.
claudia, older sister
older sister, best friend, somehow always right, condescending pain in the ass. b. march 30 (35). lives in new york city, ny. cardiologist. married w/ 2 kids. organized. logical. overachiever. brilliant.
milo, younger brother
younger brother. b. november 1 (30). seoul, south korea. us naval officer stationed in seoul. two strangers turned roommates. levelheaded. always down for a good time.